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yellow card

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  • (in soccer and some other games) a yellow card shown by the referee to a player being cautioned.

    Compare with red card

    ‘Eddis was shown the yellow card for a late tackle on Candlish’
    • ‘The referee bought his yellow card out and Gascoigne was out of the final were England to make it through.’
    • ‘What is the difference between a yellow card in hockey and a yellow card in soccer?’
    • ‘He could not be trusted, they said, because he had clocked up one red card and 20 yellow cards in the past two seasons.’
    • ‘They have four players on yellow cards, while Porto have five.’
    • ‘How many times has a player been awarded two yellow cards for fouls that, added up, are not sufficient to lead to a dismissal.’
    • ‘Players can receive yellow cards for dissent, poor challenges or abusive remarks to other players.’
    • ‘Out came the yellow card, the spot kick was retaken and this time it hit a post.’
    • ‘A team may win a game 5-1, but it can still score an own goal, have three yellow cards and a player sent off.’
    • ‘Wright was in jubilant mood at the end of a game which saw one red and three yellow cards handed out by referee Graeme Hannah.’
    • ‘A big factor in all the forthcoming league games will be the use of the yellow card by referees.’
    • ‘A referee might start the game off in stern fashion, brandishing yellow cards left, right and centre.’
    • ‘The only thing is, Portugal will be without some key players because they have a lot of yellow cards.’
    • ‘Stelios and Birmingham's David Dunn were booked for diving, although both players later had their yellow cards rescinded.’
    • ‘A fight broke out among the forwards late in the second half and this led to four players receiving yellow cards.’
    • ‘The restless Blackpool away end were made more furious by the inconsistency of the referee in handing out yellow cards.’
    • ‘The first half finished without a goal and it looked as if neither side would score, then a flurry of yellow cards opened the game up.’
    • ‘A weak shot and header in either half was all he could muster in a stop-start game that had too many yellow cards and free kicks.’
    • ‘If a player gets two yellow cards in the first round, she is suspended for the next game.’
    • ‘Luckily the referee only showed a yellow card, the resulting penalty punishment enough.’
    • ‘The referee produced a yellow card but in the melee it was impossible to tell who he booked.’


yellow card

/ˈyelō ˌkärd/ /ˈjɛloʊ ˌkɑrd/