Definition of yellow pine in English:

yellow pine


  • 1Any of several North American pines having a strong yellowish wood.

    ‘Ecologically, it's a transition zone between chaparral and yellow pine forest.’
    • ‘Group 1 includes such species as Douglas fir, Southern yellow pine, beech, and birch.’
    • ‘But Recon 1 believes it is actually coming from the base of a big yellow pine.’
    • ‘He notes carefully the distinctive qualities of particular specimens of goldcup oak, Douglas spruce, yellow pine, silver fir, and sequoia.’
    • ‘That's how old samples of red mangrove and yellow pine are said to be that were recently found in 45 feet of water in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.’
    • ‘Mixed conifer forest Ponderosa pine, locally often called yellow pine, grows with other tall conifers - sugar pine, white fir, Douglas fir, and incense cedar.’
    1. 1.1The wood of a yellow pine.
      ‘It's time to order the southern yellow pine flooring for the main floor, take a deep breath and plunge in.’
      • ‘Choose antique Southern yellow pine or pure heart pine in any of several widths, lengths, and finishes.’
      • ‘He applied various amounts of resin to small blocks of Southern yellow pine that he had placed in a pressurized chamber.’
      • ‘The table itself was yellow pine, a stern piece of furniture Rodgers had once hoped to extend with leaves and move into the dining room.’
      • ‘He had a royal air about him despite the fact that his weight seemed placed entirely on his yellow pine staff and his clothes were in the worst state of the three.’
      • ‘The walnut and yellow pine step-back open cupboard was found in Alabama and appears to have been made there about the same time as the chairs.’
      • ‘The kitchen is fully fitted but some may find the yellow pine units and visible modern appliances jar with the backdrop of ancient stonework.’
      • ‘Southern yellow pine floors, tall moldings at the base of the walls to house the outlets, and white trim and cabinetry accent the interior.’
      • ‘The banquet chair is a sturdy item constructed from reclaimed yellow pine; the overall look conjures up images of medieval feasts.’
      • ‘Large windows to the side provide attractive views over the rear garden, to which there is direct access through glazed yellow pine French doors.’
      • ‘Also in the library is a black walnut and yellow pine china press of about 1790.’
      • ‘Boards (left to right) are ash, cherry, southern yellow pine, chestnut, white birch, and eastern spruce.’
      • ‘The desk-and-bookcase of about 1820 is made of mahogany, birch, and mahogany veneer with tulip poplar and yellow pine as secondary woods.’
      • ‘The couple has taken the greatest care to preserve the character of the farmhouse, which retains the original wide yellow pine floorboards, doors, and moldings.’
      • ‘Indeed, the tower eschews logs in favor of steel, but it sports an ecofriendly look, with its steel-grid skeleton wrapped in 2x6 Southern yellow pine.’
      • ‘The framing is southern yellow pine and is predominantly sawmill-produced, but hand-hewn surfaces exist in places, particularly on the larger members.’
      • ‘The use of secondary woods is also the same in the two chests, namely yellow pine drawer sides and Atlantic white cedar drawer bottoms, tulip poplar backboards, and yellow pine bottom boards.’
      • ‘While clearly contemporary, the house pays homage to the past with its excellent proportions, high ceilings, southern yellow pine parquet flooring, and fine millwork and hardware.’
      • ‘Although across the industry the price has come down, composites still cost about 15 percent to 20 percent more than treated Southern yellow pine, according to Bizzarri.’
      • ‘Larvae are especially troublesome in poultry houses, damaging yellow pine, foam insulation, styrofoam air baffle boards, paneling, drywall and even PCP chemically treated wood in some cases.’