Definition of yellow spot in English:

yellow spot


  • The region of greatest visual acuity around the fovea of the eye; the macula lutea.

    See macula

    ‘For example, lutein and zeaxanthin are the major pigments of the yellow spot in the human retina.’
    • ‘The focus is on a 3-millimeter-wide yellow spot, called the macula lutea, toward the back and center of the eye.’
    • ‘These deposits are visible to a doctor who looks inside the eye as small yellow spots known as drusen (singular: druse).’
    • ‘Large amounts of the two xanthophylls (oxygenated carotenoids), lutein and zeaxanthin, are accumulated in the yellow spot (macula lutea) of the human retina.’


yellow spot

/ˈyelō ˌspät/ /ˈjɛloʊ ˌspɑt/