Definition of yellowness in English:



See yellow

‘In fact, it is quite obscenely lurid in its sheer, wanton yellowness.’
  • ‘I confronted this fact while standing in front of a gorgeous yellow bowl, decorated with nothing but its own perfect yellowness, which looked utterly Chinese to me.’
  • ‘And the thankfully near full moon was magically radiant in its slight yellowness, divinely suspended in nothingness amid the sequined backdrop of stars, planets and galaxies.’
  • ‘They were cooked until the white but not the yolk was set, allowing me to indulge in my favourite Sunday pastime of dipping the brittle, breadstick-like crust into the pool of rich, runny yellowness spreading over my plate.’
  • ‘Other symptoms include bleeding, jaundice, excessive yellowness of urine, feces, eyes and skin, excessive hunger, thirst, burning sensations and difficulty sleeping.’
  • ‘The yellowness disappeared and the first day after being with Michael he was able to hold his head up, which he hadn't been able to do before.’
  • ‘The active ingredient in the bleaching gel is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide - as it breaks down, oxygen gets into the tooth enamel, removing deep stains and natural yellowness which can't be removed by external cleaning alone.’



/ˈyelōnəs/ /ˈjɛloʊnəs/