Definition of yellowthroat in English:



  • A small American warbler with a bright yellow throat.

    Genus Geothlypis, subfamily Parulinae, family Emberizidae: several species

    ‘Common yellowthroats are socially monogamous warblers that exhibit strong sexual dimorphism.’
    • ‘Along with more redstarts and yellowthroats, we spotted a waterthrush, presumably Northern.’
    • ‘Sure enough, on closer inspection, I saw not only these four warblers, but the common yellowthroat as well.’
    • ‘Next, I check off the widespread nesting species: yellow warbler, black-and-white, worm-eating, ovenbird, and yellowthroat.’
    • ‘Common yellowthroats winter throughout Middle America and the southern United States and migrate north in the spring to breeding grounds throughout most of the United States and southern Canada.’



/ˈyelōˌTHrōt/ /ˈjɛloʊˌθroʊt/