Definition of yellowy in English:



See yellow

‘The yellowy gold brew isn't as hoppy as most true pale ales, but this is a good choice for Keith's drinkers who want to go a bit more upscale.’
  • ‘Actually, it's two varnishes - an opaque yellowy gold base coat and a see-through gold with glitter as the top coat.’
  • ‘Awash with glittering gold, adorned in yellowy brilliance, the jewellery designers cut a new path, defiantly and creatively.’
  • ‘Ostrich eggs are rich, with a yellowy yolk that lends itself wonderfully to cakes - though at 3.5lbs of beaten liquid in each egg, you'd have to be baking for a crowd.’
  • ‘When she gets up from the table she takes her plate to the sink, but leaves his - the fat congealing around the chops, the mashed potato developing a thin yellowy crust - centred neatly between knife and fork.’



/ˈyeləwē/ /ˈjɛləwi/