Definition of yelper in English:



See yelp

‘True, Britney's got better pipes than these eager yelpers.’
  • ‘Most of the ‘yelpers’ had sidekicks who were smaller and backed up the hearty yell with their own high-pitched style, letting the others know they rolled with a pack.’
  • ‘The simple fact is, roughly 13-foot tall yelper Angus Andrew is a striking enough physical presence that he could probably just work without any music at all and still be a show and a half unto himself.’
  • ‘Blues yelper Lee Fields outdoes Chris Jones with what is probably this New York label's most danceable record.’’
  • ‘‘It's funny,’ says Kenny Bridges, one of the band's two guitarists and lead yelpers, ‘it was going on for a really, really long time, but we didn't talk about it ‘cause we were paranoid about jinxing things.’’



/ˈyelpər/ /ˈjɛlpər/