Definition of Yeoman Warder in English:

Yeoman Warder


  • A warder at the Tower of London.

    Also called beefeater

    ‘The reception was then held in the Yeoman Warder's Club, which is also within the Tower's walls, where the Beefeaters volunteered their services to serve the meal.’
    • ‘Prisoners in the Tower was the title of the talk on May 28 given by Roy Sanders-Crook a retired Yeoman Warder.’
    • ‘Likewise, England isn't roast beef and horseradish, it isn't Yeoman Warders, and it isn't Hugh Grant and Kate Winslet.’
    • ‘He also met Yeoman Warders, otherwise known as Beefeaters, and saw himself on a silver screen as a four-year-old boy at his mother's coronation in 1953.’
    • ‘The Yeomen Warders, also known as the beefeaters, are armed with a haberd or pike known as a partisan.’


Yeoman Warder

/ˌyōmən ˈwôrdər/ /ˌjoʊmən ˈwɔrdər/