Definition of yeomanly in English:



See yeoman

‘A yeomanly tear was pricking at the corner of my eye as I stepped out across a small junction and was nearly mown down by a scooter.’
  • ‘When Miller had offered his biography in the wake of Winslow's, he had simply shrugged off his competitor's contribution as a yeomanly effort - solid, thorough, reliable, and entirely beside the point.’
  • ‘Café Rabelais is a likable, yeomanly restaurant that stays true to its mission and keeps trying to improve.’
  • ‘Thoughtful jazz lovers of all degrees of musical literacy ought to be delighted and enlightened by Gioia's yeomanly effort.’
  • ‘After years of yeomanly service, it had begun to falter.’
  • ‘He did a yeomanly job of handling all of the style demands of such a diverse selection of compositions.’



/ˈyōmənlē/ /ˈjoʊmənli/