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  • nonstandard spelling of yes, representing a pronunciation

    • ‘Yeah, yep, sure, your nephew's an arch printer, of course, from the in-laws side is it?’
    • ‘You know you've botched up the job when the only response you get to a ransom note is: yep, you can keep 'em.’
    • ‘Yep, they're repeating the whole thing and yep, I did discover it by stumbling over it channel surfing.’
    • ‘This year's effort was 3 Iron: yep, a reference to a particular sort of golf club.’
    • ‘I mean, everything we thought of as you can see, he was like, yep okay.’
    • ‘Yep, people have been buying blogcards, and yep, they seem to work.’
    • ‘But now the past is gone, and he's free… Yep yep, well, now the story takes a different turn.’
    • ‘We step out (dive out) and look through the bonnet's grill - yep, there are flames alright.’
    • ‘I was naïve, that was for sure, young, yup, and lazy, most definitely.’
    • ‘You got me in a spin but everything is a-okayyyyyyy, yup yup yup!’
    • ‘Admits that he behaves like a kid when TOW's around… yep, he does indeed… a spoilt little kid.’
    • ‘I'm an advertising executive; yup, that's right, I pollute the universe.’
    • ‘I am happy to report that things seems to be working… yup, the belly is smaller… clothes feeling roomier already!’
    • ‘The blue-haired woman sat up and turned her head toward the door, ‘Yup, yup!’’
    • ‘However, there always comes a point, about five or six tracks in, when my head fills up and I start to think: yup, had enough Genius for now, thanks.’
    • ‘Thankfully, I've been able to improvise some original entertainment at a moment's notice - yup, drinks and food at W2.’
    • ‘She said that it needed to be started on immediately before it got beyond help (creating urgency like any good salesperson would), so I said yup, go for it.’
    • ‘I just checked - yup, definitely the same guy.’
    • ‘After M comes to his rescue, Bond goes after Zao, the agent who captured him, and tycoon Gustav Graves who, yup, you guessed it, is threatening the safety of the entire world.’
    • ‘And it got worse, Trafalgar Square is on a hill… yup, I had to try and stop in sludgy snow despite the fact that my hands were so cold, the only thing I could feel was pain.’



/yep/ /jɛp/