Definition of yerba in English:



(also yerba maté)
  • another term for maté

    ‘When Alex Pryor came to California from Argentina for college, he brought yerba matte, the drink of his country, with him.’
    • ‘The major product of the Paraguayan missions was yerba mate, a strong green tea, and the Jesuit yerba plantations were seen as the very best in all of South America.’
    • ‘Called yerba mate (pronounced yerba mah-tay), it's found both in the wild and in mugs from Paraguay and Uruguay to Brazil and Argentina.’
    • ‘YERBA SANTA:: As a decongestant, Moore favors a tea of yerba santa leaves.’
    • ‘Refugees from the missions labored as gatherers of yerba, loggers, herders of cattle, supplied firewood for the viceregal capital, and crewed the many boats of the riverborne commerce of this region.’



/ˈyerbə/ /ˈyər-/ /ˈjɛrbə/


Early 19th century from Spanish, literally ‘herb’.