Main definitions of yerba buena in English

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yerba buena1


  • A trailing aromatic herb with whitish or lilac flowers, related to savory. Native to the western US, it has been used medicinally and as a local tea.

    Satureja douglasii, family Labiatae

    ‘Yerba Buena is an important medicinal plant. Primarily a pain reliever, it is also used in gaseous distention and as mouthwash.’
    • ‘I'm considering planting some Yerba Buena (Satureja douglasii) under the tree. When is the best time to plant Yerba Buena?’
    • ‘If Yerba Buena has been planted temporarily in a pot or can, transfer the plant to the prepared pot after 2 weeks’


yerba buena

/ˌyərbə ˈbwānə/ /ˌjərbə ˈbweɪnə/


Mid 19th century from Spanish, literally ‘good herb’.

Main definitions of Yerba Buena in English

: yerba buena1Yerba Buena2

Yerba Buena2

proper noun

  • An island in San Francisco Bay in California; also, the name of the 1820s mainland settlement that became the city of San Francisco.


Yerba Buena

/ˌyərbə ˈbwānə/ /ˌjərbə ˈbweɪnə/