Definition of yes and no in English:

yes and no


  • Partly and partly not.

    ‘“Did it come as a surprise to you?” “Yes and no.”’
    • ‘Yet no one has offered to suggest that Ablett's woes are anything other than those of his own making - but I would argue yes and no?’
    • ‘The answer, like so many things in politics, is yes and no.’
    • ‘That is why the answer to your question is, yes and no.’
    • ‘The answer, according to Dr. Robert Polisky, a dermatologist in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, is both yes and no.’
    • ‘Larissa Behrendt: I think the answer to that is yes and no.’
    • ‘To me, lightly grilling him in a hotel in Kensington High Street, he simply says: ‘The answer's yes and no.’’
    • ‘As for violence being in our faces 24-7, well yes and no.’
    • ‘Asked whether he was disappointed with the team score of 228, he said, ‘Both yes and no.’’
    • ‘Asked if he was still doing legal work, he replied: ‘The answer is yes and no in that I have always done wee bits and pieces.’’
    • ‘Well yes and no - sure you want to have your search index in RAM, accessing RAM is 1000 times faster than disk access, but the main problem with Windows is the lack of a decent searchable index in the first place.’