Definition of yesterday's man in English:

yesterday's man


  • A man, especially a politician, whose career is finished or past its peak.

    ‘he was no sooner elected leader than the media dismissed him as yesterday's man’
    • ‘He looks fresh and new, while Hidding looks like yesterday's man.’
    • ‘Though popular with the German populace, his tenure had yet to assume an air of permanence, the idea lingering that one slip and he might become yesterday's man.’
    • ‘There's a touch of yesterday's man about Terry.’
    • ‘With so many doors shutting, Reed felt he was yesterday's man - though there were always, and still are, conflicting views, especially among his friends.’
    • ‘Burchill, who is paid to follow these things, must have known that Waltz was yesterday's man, yet he didn't hesitate to cite the single, superceded quote that suited his purposes.’
    • ‘The result will be a surprise to professional politicians and pundits, who tend to regard Mr Clarke as yesterday's man and Mr Portillo as the likeliest candidate to replace William Hague.’
    • ‘So Lord Heseltine may simply be providing further evidence that he's yesterday's man when he drones on about the ‘centre ground’ being where elections are won.’
    • ‘Off the record, some Liberal backbenchers see the Prime Minister as yesterday's man and think it's time to instal a leader with a future, as opposed to a past, someone with a more contemporary view of the world.’
    • ‘Even if Labour wins a sizable majority, Blair's time is over as the ground shifts fast beneath his feet; he is yesterday's man.’
    • ‘I wasn't yesterday's man, I was the day before yesterday's man.’