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  • Last year or the recent past, especially as nostalgically recalled.

    ‘return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear’
    • ‘Of my past, I have no knowledge - it is a whirlwind of forgotten yesterdays and yesteryears.’
    • ‘But thrust an historical document about bygone yesteryears down our memory lane and we can't get enough.’
    • ‘The nostalgia of yesteryears came alive as each young singer sought to recreate the magic of such singers as Mohammed Rafi, Yesudas and S. Janaki.’
    • ‘It was also turned out to be the apt occasion for the Indian Oil Corporation to recall some of the corner stones in its long illustrious history and the nostalgic moments of yesteryears.’
    • ‘Without the discomfort of necessity, people tend to become complacent, as can be gauged from the present-day Assam compared to its historically famous yesteryears.’
    • ‘Historical monuments representing yesteryears stand tall in the union territory, such as the Aayi Mandapam, the statue of Dupleix, the French War Memorial, and the statue of Joan of Arc.’
    the past, former times, historical events, days of old, the old days, the good old days, time gone by, bygone days, the before times, yesterday, antiquity



/ˈyestərˌyir/ /ˈjɛstərˌjɪr/


Mid 19th century from yester- + year. The word was popularized by Dante Gabriel Rossetti's translation of a line in a poem by the medieval French poet François Villon: ‘Mais où sont les neiges d'antan?’ (‘But where are the snows of yesteryear?’).