Definition of yez in English:



nonstandard spelling of youse, used in representing dialectal speech
‘don't any of yez dare sneeze’
  • ‘I really don't know what match yiz are talkin about…’
  • ‘See yiz after.’
  • ‘I'll get home and show it to yiz.’
  • ‘I'm just happy to meet yiz all.’
  • ‘Here are couple of completely silly links to keep yiz out of trouble.’
  • ‘Nice knowing yez.’
  • ‘The best of luck to yez.’
  • ‘If I see the inside of one more brown paper bag I swear yiz'll all be screwed.’
  • ‘Doesn't matter, yez're qualified anyway in one of the best second place spots.’



/yez/ /jɛz/