Definition of Yiddishkeit in English:



  • The quality of being Jewish; the Jewish way of life or its customs and practices.

    ‘he spreads the ways of Yiddishkeit to less religious Jews’
    • ‘The ethics of Yiddishkeit, of Jewish humanism, did not come out of the air.’
    • ‘Well, together we started exploring how to connect ourselves to Jewish life, and I'm happy to say that our growing devotion to Yiddishkeit in many forms had a profound impact on one of my stepsons, who is now a Hillel Director.’
    • ‘Like Sophie Tucker, the later Woody Allen and Ben Katchor, Cahan had merged Yiddishkeit with popular culture.’
    • ‘The entire scope of Yiddishkeit will benefit by looking more closely into the mystical understanding.’
    • ‘It will help me start back on the road to Yiddishkeit, and get me closer to Hash-m.’



/ˈyidiSHˌkīt/ /ˈjɪdɪʃˌkaɪt/


Late 19th century from Yiddish yidishkeyt.