Definition of yield gap in English:

yield gap


  • The difference between the return on government-issued securities and that on common stock.

    ‘The increasing demand may be a sign that investors are expecting economic conditions to improve and the yield gap between low and middle-dated investment grade bonds and gilts to narrow.’
    • ‘December 28 - Bloomberg: ‘The average yield gap between Peru's dollar-denominated foreign bonds and U.S. Treasuries fell to a record low today as the country's economic expansion lured investors to its securities.’’
    • ‘The net result of this is that the yield gap has narrowed slightly between Great Britain and the North.’
    • ‘Whatever happened to the reverse yield gap?’
    • ‘Tuesday's yield gap was the widest in seven years.’


yield gap

/ˈyēld ˌɡap/ /ˈjild ˌɡæp/