Definition of yikes in English:



  • Expressing shock and alarm, often for humorous effect.

    • ‘I had a dip in the 40 degree pool (yikes!)’
    • ‘After that we went to Arrow Bar (that makes 3 times in 5 days… yikes!).’
    • ‘I've spent ages typing this short blog and talking on msn, yikes!’
    • ‘Bye bye golf, hello Pilates… yikes!’
    • ‘She'd been in hospital for 8 hours on Monday night coz her side pains had gotten so bad that she could barely move. yikes!’
    • ‘It is expected to hit us at 3pm on Friday… yikes!’
    • ‘What I hoped would take 40 minutes to fix took more like 5 hours - yikes!’
    • ‘Our boys finally get to interact for the first time… yikes!’
    • ‘The team tried a demonstration just before the show - yikes!’
    • ‘But the Government did not get even that bit right, because it forgot about England - yikes!’
    • ‘My favourite words include yikes, splat, glub, eek and aargh!’
    • ‘Now might be a good moment to start panicking about Blackpool * yikes *.’
    • ‘yikes man!’
    • ‘Yikes, your father sounds pretty scary himself.’



/yīks/ /jaɪks/


1970s of unknown origin; compare with yoicks.