Definition of yinz in English:



(also yunz)
dialect US
  • (in western Pennsylvania) you (used to refer to more than one person)

    ‘how yinz guys doing?’
    • ‘glad to have yinz here’
    • ‘Six dollars for a Coke. Yunz believe that?’
    • ‘Anyway, just keeping yinz posted.’
    • ‘Coming to Pittsburgh from Caracas, he doesn't mind hearing "yinz" and "n'at."’
    • ‘We had a good time joking in our Pittsburgh dialect and about how it's nice to go back—"Yunz live Dahntahn?"’
    • ‘His sort-of Irish band has a new CD, with many a song about longing for Pittsburgh, where the guys say "yunz" and the girls say "no."’
    • ‘I decided to watch a few random videos from the world of sports that I thought yinz would enjoy.’



/yinz/ /jɪnz/


1980s representing a regional pronunciation of you-uns, a plural form appearing in Appalachia and the Midwest from the early 19th century.