Definition of yinzer in English:



informal US
  • A native or inhabitant of the US city of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania.

    • ‘I walked over to a table of yinzers and instantly felt at home’
    • ‘a yinzer accent’
    • ‘His voice was dripping with what can only be described as a yinzer's indignation at having to deal with a nincompoop.’
    • ‘She would love to emulate those yinzers' clear diction.’
    • ‘What would all of us yinzers do without this weekly chat?’
    • ‘Hey, yinzers, keep yankin' the Democrat lever, and all the Stillers games will look like home games and that.’
    • ‘I have put together the most absurdly yinzer gallery of Pirates and Steelers jerseys from last week.’



/ˈyinzər/ /ˈjɪnzər/


1990s from yinz + -er.