Definition of yips in English:


plural noun

  • the yipsA state of extreme nervousness that causes a golfer to miss an easy putt.

    • ‘Even if you've got the yips, you can make a ton of putts.’
    • ‘He was fighting demons like a golfer fights the yips with his putter.’
    • ‘This compensation will lead to the yips.’
    • ‘The yips are a motor-sensory disorder.’
    • ‘Everybody who has ever had the yips knows this ultimate frustration - you don't feel a yip in a practice swing.’
    • ‘He created the stroke after suffering from the yips and had some success with it, even trying it at the Masters.’
    • ‘The yips are the biggest reason I don't play on the Champions Tour.’
    • ‘If you don't have the yips, I would try to steer you away from the longer putter.’
    • ‘Hubert Green had just gotten over the yips, and he got them back playing with me.’
    • ‘A bad case of the yips can ruin your golfing handicap.’
    • ‘He never came back from the yips.’
    • ‘He suffered the yips.’
    • ‘People who have suffered from the yips, however, have told me that something will just click and that my bowling will be back to how it was.’
    • ‘‘I feel like I was in the early stages of the yips,’ he admits.’
    • ‘And once you have the buzz, like the yips, it tends to stay with you forever.’
    • ‘It would be a shame to lose your test place for a minor dose of the yips.’



/yips/ /jɪps/


1960s of unknown origin.