Definition of yohimbine in English:



  • A toxic crystalline compound obtained from the bark of the yohimbe tree, used as an adrenergic blocking agent and also in the treatment of impotence.

    An alkaloid; chemical formula: C₂₁H₂₆O₃N₂

    ‘Before Viagra was developed, doctors sometimes prescribed a natural compound called yohimbine derived from the bark of an African tree.’
    • ‘Two open reports have suggested that yohimbine is an effective treatment for SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction.’
    • ‘After one month placebo-treated patients were crossed over to yohimbine and yohimbine patients continued in the same manner.’
    • ‘Another type of treatment consisted of the oral administration of a drug known as yohimbine.’
    • ‘Small amounts of yohimbine can improve central-nervous-system stimulation when taken alone or with low doses of caffeine.’



/yōˈhimˌbēn/ /joʊˈhɪmˌbin/


Late 19th century from yohimbe+ -ine.