Definition of yokozuna in English:


nounplural noun yokozuna

  • A grand champion sumo wrestler.

    ‘an aura of dignity is as necessary for a yokozuna as strength and skill’
    • ‘By tradition a yokozuna, once anointed, cannot be demoted.’
    • ‘He has proven himself to be a remarkable yokozuna, and his last yusho was a classic example of sheer will and determination.’
    • ‘The former yokozuna is expected to continue to be an occasional sumo commentator with some TV stations as well’
    • ‘One yokozuna had given away FIVE kinboshi - a modern record - and won only nine of his 15 contests.’
    • ‘The Samoan-born yokozuna, the winner of 12 titles, has struggled unsuccessfully for two years with a wrist injury.’
    • ‘The two yokozuna then strolled down their respective hanamichi to battle for the title.’



/ˌyōkəˈzo͞onə/ /ˌjoʊkəˈzunə/


Japanese, from yoko ‘crosswise’ + tsuna ‘rope’ (originally denoting a kind of belt presented to the champion).