Definition of Yooper in English:


Pronunciation /ˈyo͞opər/ /ˈjupər/


  • A native or inhabitant of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

    • ‘He is, you may have guessed correctly, a Yooper who lives in Iowa.’
    • ‘To them it's entirely feasible that being a Yooper is less of a birthright and more of a way of life.’
    • ‘In Michigan everyone who lives south of the bridge is called a "Troll," while everyone who lives above the bridge is called a "Yooper."’
    • ‘I think the Yoopers in Upper Michigan would bear the brunt of a Canadian invasion.’
    • ‘Yoopers who support the hunt are skeptical of the quotas.’
    • ‘Of course that just proves how many displaced Yoopers there are in California.’
    • ‘Mr. Stupak, 57, with a shock of thick gray hair and the stare of a law enforcement officer, is a Yooper.’
    • ‘For him, one of the most entertaining aspects about working on the theater's new play has been deciphering the thick Yooper accent used by his two costars.’
    • ‘I was born and raised in Monroe, Michigan, but I come from a proud family of Yoopers.’
    • ‘For example, to mock a Yooper, a Wisconsinite might say, "Do yous wanna go Kmart, hey? I gotta get somma dat oil fer my snowmobile."’


1970s representing a pronunciation of UP (abbreviation of Upper Peninsula) + -er.



/ˈyo͞opər/ /ˈjupər/