Definition of you know in English:

you know

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  • 1informal Used to imply that what is being referred to is known to or understood by the listener.

    • ‘when in Rome, you know’
    1. 1.1Used as a gap-filler in conversation.
      • ‘well, you know, I was wondering if you had any jobs for me’
      • ‘I fear it may take me some time to get back into, you know, writing, so bear with me.’
      • ‘There has to be a lot of open floor, a lot of room for people to jump up and dance, you know?’
      • ‘So it's been like a new music adventure for me now, you know, like starting all over again.’
      • ‘Sometimes it's just really hard to tell people, you know, what you're feeling and stuff.’
      • ‘Gosh, you know, that was one of the movies that I really, really wanted to do.’