Definition of young-earth creationism in English:

young-earth creationism


  • The belief, arising from a literal interpretation of the biblical account of creation, that the universe and living organisms were divinely created relatively recently and within a comparatively short period of time.

    ‘polls show support for young earth creationism is on the rise’
    • ‘The membership ranges from young-earth creationism to theistic evolution.’
    • ‘The surveys Moore cites are even older, and almost undoubtedly "creationism" means "young-earth creationism."’
    • ‘Lesson plans up for approval at a recent Ohio Board of Education meeting included "intelligent design," as well as young-Earth creationism.’
    • ‘Bowler links the rise of intelligent design and young-Earth creationism with the rise of fundamentalism worldwide.’
    • ‘Only in the latter half of the 20th century has young-Earth creationism been revived and grown after being virtually extinct since about 1850.’
    • ‘Young-earth creationism really arose after the King James translation of the Bible and a sequence of clashes between the theological and scientific communities that followed.’
    • ‘Unlike young-earth creationism, intelligent design maintains a not inconsiderable base within academia.’
    • ‘What was essentially Intelligent Design theory has been expounded by advocates of young-Earth creationism for many years.’
    • ‘He argues that young-earth creationism has become a divisive force that is harming the work of the church.’