Definition of yowl in English:


Pronunciation /youl/ /jaʊl/

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  • A loud wailing cry, especially one of pain or distress.

    ‘Muffled cries and yells could now be heard, along with a yowl of pain.’
    • ‘Olympia yet out a yowl of pain, and the tried to bite at his face.’
    • ‘I dropped my heavy backpack on his foot, effectively earning a yowl of pain.’
    • ‘Cale let out a yowl of pain that the coyotes in Arizona could hear and envy.’
    • ‘He stared wide eyed at the creatures before him, his last yowl of pain being cut short.’
    • ‘John yowls in pain and spins around with a backfist without even looking.’
    • ‘Sure, coyotes howled during the night, their yips and yowls bouncing off the mountains and across the valley.’
    • ‘Vicki gave a loud yowl and everyone else stared at us.’
    • ‘His body fell into a light spasm as the pain set up, ripping a yowl from his possibly broken jaw.’
    • ‘Shrieking yowls rang through the cold trees behind me, unearthly and terrifying, and that fear was all that dragged me to my feet again.’
    • ‘There would have been some yowls of agony, and that would have been that.’
    • ‘You could hear the yowls all the way to Texas.’
    • ‘Those yowls only mingled with the cries of their competitors, the noises from animals and carts and other traffic.’
    • ‘Misti jumped from his shoulders with a yowl as he fell into Ryan.’
    • ‘He let out a little yowl and looked at me like he'd seen a ghost.’
    • ‘She graced me with a yowl, which I took, mistakenly, to mean general agreement.’
    • ‘From the adjacent room came the sudden sound of running water and an insulted yowl.’
    • ‘All I got for my concern was a glare but not long afterwards a great yowl came at the door as she demanded entrance.’
    • ‘He let out a muffled yowl as he landed face-first on top of Mike, who was still on the floor.’
    • ‘I screech, and Aryan, who was napping at the foot of my bed, bolts up, yowls unhappily at me, and stampedes down the hall.’
    howl, howling, wail, wailing, screech, screeching, shriek, shrieking, scream, screaming, bawl, bawling, cry, crying, yell, yelling, yelp, yelping, yowl, yowling, squall, squalling, whine, whining, ululating

intransitive verb

[no object]
  • Make a loud wailing cry.

    ‘he yowled as he touched one of the hot plates’
    • ‘Scratching and yowling ensued, but I had these visions of grout and paws and stood firm.’
    • ‘How is one to sleep with the likes of you yowling your inconsiderable brains out!’
    • ‘Marie yowled outraged at getting wet and went under Phoenix's cloak.’
    • ‘The first time we made Thanksgiving dinner, she stalked the kitchen for hours, yowling.’
    • ‘He sat up and Bill slid to the floor and collected himself, yowling for tuna.’
    • ‘They mated yowling beneath the house in spring and left bits of mouse fur and bone and batwings in the barn.’
    • ‘Mike started chewing on my fingers, Andy planted himself on my chest, and Dorey yowled in my ear.’
    • ‘She jumped over a familiar log, yowling in despair as realization hit her.’
    • ‘She clapped her hands and Donnie zoomed away from the kitchen, yowling all the way.’
    • ‘Strata yowled, raising her shot and downing it.’
    • ‘Tom yowled, stretched, and glared balefully at him.’
    • ‘It yowled before it hit the water, producing another outburst from Casper.’
    • ‘The band of boys cheered and yowled but Eric told them all to shut up.’
    • ‘He yowled and barked and I threw that loop for him and he gnawed at it real good.’
    • ‘He may yowl at the door to go outside, but be firm.’
    • ‘I yowl at the moon again, and if wolves could cry, I would be crying.’
    • ‘It screamed and yowled its way through the night, presumably in pain.’
    • ‘He yowled with pain and hopped off, his ball rolling away, only to be surrounded with worried girls and their attentions.’
    • ‘He yowled in pain and jumped up, causing the keys to drop off and Jazz made a huge lunged for it and unlocked herself.’
    • ‘Lucom continued to yowl and clutched her legs beneath his claws.’
    howl, weep, cry, sob, moan, groan, keen, lament, yowl, blubber, snivel, whimper, whine, squall, bawl, shriek, scream, yelp, caterwaul, waul


Middle English imitative.