Definition of Yuit in English:


noun & adjectiveYuit, Yuits

another term for Yupik
  • ‘The stacks of driftwood are actually Yuit houses - note the roof-doorway on the house at the right.’
  • ‘To the right is a list of some of the most requested web services the average Yuit client may require.’
  • ‘The Asiatic Yuit are unique among Eskimo groups in having clans.’
  • ‘Inuit and Yuit believed in the existence of a multitude of spiritual forces in charge of the universe, including the souls of humans and other animals, various seldom-visible dwarfs and monstrous beings, and other powerful beings.’
  • ‘Like the Subarctic peoples but unlike most Native Americans, the Inuit, Yuit, and Aleut peoples today retain much of their ancient way of life.’


Siberian Yupik, literally ‘people’.