Definition of Z-list in English:



  • A notional list of the least celebrated or sought-after members of a group, especially in the entertainment industry.

    • ‘Z-list celebrities who are famous for being famous’
    • ‘Readers may imagine that news outlets are packed with stories about Z-list celebrities to attract audiences.’
    • ‘Firstly, we have the talking heads syndrome, where a bunch of z-list celebrities get to pontificate about their favourite TV moments for our benefit.’
    • ‘And also because every Z-list fly-by-night now has a complete set of branded luggage and she's a snob.’
    • ‘Dude, what's up with the Z-List treatment for the Nobel?’
    • ‘Having a child gives you a sense of what's real, too: my son tells me I'm a Z-list celebrity; that keeps me in my place.’
    • ‘In the UK at the moment, the trend is for Z-list celebrities to be given multi million pound book deals to write 'novels' with the aid of a ghostwriter.’
    • ‘And the ability of those programmes to create C, D and Z-list stars who have an afterlife in tabloid newspapers in turn validates them.’
    • ‘Being a small, z-list blog is very much like being anonymous, though.’
    • ‘These two rules apply to us all, A-List and Z-List alike.’
    • ‘Is it worth the Z-list celebrity that might result from it?’
    • ‘The usual rag-tag bunch of Z-list reality stars were out in force.’
    • ‘I mean, look at the number of unlikely has-beens, never-weres and Z-list celebs who have got fragrances on the market for a man, a woman, a cat, a dog or possibly all four!’
    • ‘Meanwhile we were treated to the bizarre spectacle of publicity-hungry Z-list celebrities claiming they 'just knew' they had been hacked, although nobody was suggesting they had been.’
    • ‘Out go the professional actors and presenters, and in come the shallow attention-seekers and Z-list celebrities eager to flaunt their lack of talent in order to (re) gain their 15 minutes of fame, or whatever dubious prize is on offer.’
    • ‘But this popularity can permit such self-styled nutritionists to promote—sometimes by z-list celebrities—their unique and frequently inaccurate interpretation of nutrition to a public hungry for information and solutions to their health problems without fear of redress.’
    • ‘This is a new generation of children, vicariously living their fantasies through their fave Z-List celebs.’
    • ‘You get invited to ropey Z-list parties for the next three months.’
    • ‘However, there exists an even more obscure level of mini-stardom and former celebrity: those who have plunged so far from public prominence that they are no longer recognised even by the Z-list.’
    • ‘I don't mean to overestimate the influence my Z-list blog could have on any of you, but it seems from your emails and comments over the years that I have at least influenced some of you in terms of music and reading.’
    • ‘Is this true, or is this just one of her wonderful "jokes" that propelled her into the Z-list?’
    rabble, scum, refuse, garbage, trash, vermin, the lowest of the low, in the underclass, the dregs of society, good-for-nothings, undesirables