Definition of Zen Buddhist in English:

Zen Buddhist


See Zen

‘Zen prospered greatly in Koryo and an effort was made at reviving and renovating Zen Buddhist thought through this new direction.’
  • ‘They are awaiting the arrival of Sandra Jishu Holmes, an American Zen Buddhist priest.’
  • ‘A Zen Buddhist meditation manual asks that one pose this question through the pores of one's skin and with the marrow of one's bones.’
  • ‘We're not buying anything and I'm a practising Zen Buddhist.’
  • ‘There's a Zen Buddhist saying that you can tell what you need to know about something by the look of it, and I think that's true.’
  • ‘The great thing about Robin was that he was so hyper that compared to him I looked like a Zen Buddhist, even with my twitching.’
  • ‘Instead of concentrating on the gaps, like a Zen Buddhist meditating on the void, he thought the text was important.’
  • ‘Viola has eliminated references to Christian religious symbols but has replaced it with a Zen Buddhist one.’
  • ‘Don't be sceptical, be a Zen Buddhist and find out what happens.’
  • ‘His argument, if taken to its logical end, means that this right applies to everyone from animist to Zen Buddhist.’
  • ‘A blue-hooded Zen Buddhist seeker, Kaian, arrives in the village of Tonda where the local priest has gone mad.’
  • ‘A writer and communications consultant in New York, Baran was once a Zen Buddhist priest.’
  • ‘He is a Zen Buddhist priest, head shaved, Bodhi beads wrapped around his wrist.’