Definition of zillionaire in English:



  • An extremely rich person.

    • ‘Gibson's a zillionaire, and Smith's a multi-gazillionaire.’
    • ‘The Indian middle classes are fast being Americanised, with the mid-Atlantic masala twang and the mobile telephone washing through the ranks of the rupee zillionaires on a tidal wave.’
    • ‘They blabbed about their time in the desert, became zillionaires and ruined it for everyone who fancied earning a bit more than the king's shilling.’
    • ‘I'm not about to become a zillionaire as a result, but I am making more money.’
    • ‘Then they think you're a zillionaire or something.’
    • ‘Now, here we've got a zillionaire with all the money in the world to buy whatever identity he wants to buy from anywhere at any price.’
    • ‘The implication throughout the chapter is that these superachievers and zillionaires owe him favors and see him as a brother.’
    • ‘Wayans Manor was the kind of house the Munsters would have lived in if they'd been zillionaires.’
    • ‘You never know, this time next year we could be zillionaires.’
    • ‘I'm guessing you're something of a zillionaire?’
    • ‘I hate companies that say ‘we're only going to pay you half what you're worth, but the stock options will make you a zillionaire when we go public!’’
    • ‘If I extrapolate this far enough, I'll be a zillionaire!’
    • ‘If this guy lived in Silicon Valley, he might be a zillionaire today.’
    • ‘IfI were a zillionaire, I'd live in a castle and operate out of the cozy centers of the spaces.’
    • ‘Eriksson quits as a result and is later seen in Chelsea village dining with a Russian zillionaire.’
    • ‘So this is the zillionaire luxury yacht lifestyle.’
    • ‘From the right's point of view, you couldn't invent a better caricature of a New Age Hollywood zillionaire to be the public face of the anti-war movement.’
    magnate, mogul, big businessman, baron, merchant prince, captain of industry, industrialist, financier, top executive, chief, lord, magnifico, nabob, grandee



/ˌzilyəˈner/ /ˌzɪljəˈnɛr/


1940s from zillion, on the pattern of millionaire.