Definition of Zimbabwean in English:


Pronunciation /zimˈbäbwēən/ /zɪmˈbɑbwiən/

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  • Relating to Zimbabwe or its people.

    ‘Hundreds of people jam-packed an auditorium in the Zimbabwean capital for the second annual beauty pageant.’
    • ‘The Zimbabwean countryside was covered by immaculate maize and tobacco plants.’
    • ‘That fateful final pass was too early and a soft job for the Zimbabwean goalkeeper.’
    • ‘She set up a film company with her Zimbabwean husband.’
    • ‘She commended him for maintaining the same characters unlike local soaps on Zimbabwean television.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Zimbabwe, or a person of Zimbabwean descent.

    ‘After yesterday's triumph, the Zimbabwean now stretches his lead on the chart to 30 points after three victories in four series.’
    • ‘Perhaps it is slightly worrying for Australians that the Zimbabweans got on top of the Australian bowling at the end.’
    • ‘They are taking lessons in Portuguese and have begun a weekly study group for fellow Zimbabweans new to the area.’
    • ‘The Zimbabwean kept fighting and when his left foot connected properly with the ball he posed a threat to the goalie.’
    • ‘The youthful Zimbabwean said his day was going well.’