Definition of zinc finger in English:

zinc finger


  • A fingerlike loop of peptides enclosing a bound zinc ion at one end, typically part of a larger protein molecule (in particular one regulating transcription).

    ‘The capability of specific interaction with both DNA and RNA is not restricted to the zinc finger family of proteins.’
    • ‘FOG is a zinc finger protein that functions as a transcriptional coregulator.’
    • ‘The spacing of the zinc finger domain in this class of transcription factor coincides with a half-turn of the double helix.’
    • ‘Only the zinc finger and domain B had significant similarities to non-Sp proteins in the database.’
    • ‘Their involvement in DNA binding could be shown for two BTB zinc finger proteins, Trl and Tramtrack.’


zinc finger

/ziNGk ˈfiNGɡər/ /zɪŋk ˈfɪŋɡər/