Definition of zinc ointment in English:

zinc ointment

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(also zinc oxide ointment)
  • Ointment containing zinc oxide, used for various skin conditions.

    ‘Applying copious amounts of polymyxin B-bacitracin zinc ointment over several days should emulsify and remove residual tar.’
    • ‘Using a cotton swab, apply a few drops of vitamin E from a capsule or a dab of zinc ointment inside the tip of your nose every night before bed until your nosebleeds stop.’
    • ‘In winter, zinc ointment protects skiers the sun and from its often intense reflection off the snow.’
    • ‘The zinc ointment can also be used at the beach for that classic summertime ‘lifeguard’ look!’
    • ‘The wounds in these were treated according to one of four treatment regiments: untreated; polyurethane film; 7% bacitracin zinc ointment, and 7% bacitracin zinc ointment plus polyurethane film.’


zinc ointment

/ziNGk ˈointmənt/ /zɪŋk ˈɔɪntmənt/