Definition of zinc white in English:

zinc white


  • A white pigment consisting of zinc oxide.

    ‘I use titanium white all the time… but find the zinc white a real pain!’
    • ‘Titanium white tends to have a slower drying time than lead white, but dries faster than zinc white.’
    • ‘It is neither as white as zinc white nor as opaque as titanium, but is excellent for making tints of cooler colors.’
    • ‘Chinese white is a special grade of zinc white used in artists’ pigments.’
    • ‘The color of naples yellow, which can range from a pale yellow to a light reddish brown, is usually simulated with a mixture of yellow cadmium sulfide and red iron oxide, lightened with zinc white.’


zinc white

/ˌziNGk ˈ(h)wīt/ /ˌzɪŋk ˈ(h)waɪt/