Definition of zineb in English:



  • A white compound used as a fungicidal powder on vegetables and fruit.

    Alternative name: zinc ethylene bisdithiocarbamate; chemical formula: C₄H₆N₂S₄Zn

    ‘A small group of six chemicals (monocrotophos, glyphosate, metamidophos, zineb, benomyl and deltamethrin) belonging to different chemical classes were used by 50 or more workers.’
    • ‘Terata have been observed in rats administered amounts of zineb in excess of 2000 mg/kg/day.’
    • ‘The method has been employed for the determination of ziram in commercial samples and in various foodstuffs, and the results were compared with the earlier reported methods.’



/ˈzineb/ /ˈzɪnɛb/


1950s; from zin(c) + e(thylene) + b(is-) from the systematic name.