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  • 1mainly North American informal A striking or amusing remark.

    • ‘open a speech with a zinger’
    • ‘Heckart, as Baker, unexpectedly storms into Don's apartment like a tornado, approaching every flaw of Don's apartment with a zinger or guilt-inducing remark.’
    • ‘Stripping aside the zingers and hyperbole, you get a fairly clear picture of the respective strategies for the summer campaign.’
    • ‘Small forward Sheri Sam had a zinger for every media question asked.’
    • ‘Yes, she settles a few grievances and directs some partisan zingers at old foes.’
    • ‘From the wittiest zinger to the most heartfelt speech, I believed every word spoken.’
    • ‘His skill during 2000 was to make self-deprecating zingers, joke around with reporters, and in general seem like this affable frat boy.’
    • ‘But Payne continually undermines this approach with repeated cheap zingers at Middle American stereotypes, and the allegedly incredibly dull, cookie-cutter existence of same.’
    • ‘Not so much a send-up of TV news back then although there were a few good zingers as it took a look at the blatant sexism and chauvinism in the 1970's workplace.’
    • ‘The audience (mostly straight) lapped it up, along with the bitchiest exchanges - warming to the zingers rather than the play's uneasy heartsickness.’
    • ‘Every once in a while Spade is able to raise a few smirks with his off-the-cuff zingers, but because the plot feels so ‘sitcom-y’ and forced, all the laughs are diluted.’
    • ‘Taken as a whole, however, Plaza Suite still offers some great entertainment and laughs, including a dozen or so wonderful zingers shot off by the late, great Walter Matthau.’
    • ‘The governor rehearses a few zingers and then commits the whole shtick to memory for later delivery.’
    • ‘Writer/director Rawson Marshall Thurber often relies too heavily on physical humor instead of truly clever zingers and one-liners.’
    • ‘He started off another song remarking ‘You can always count on The Bible to give you those one-line zingers.’’
    • ‘Here he makes a good foil for Jackson's zingers.’
    • ‘Though conservative, Brooks the Journalist is reflective rather than bombastic; his zingers barely singe, let alone burn.’
    • ‘Speaking as a CSO, I will say that I've been the target of many zingers from the IT department.’
    • ‘Gina Philips is effectively sarcastic and doubting as the sister, and Justin Long plays off her cute quips with humorous zingers.’
    • ‘Sporting more make-up than a Mary Kay cosmetics convention, the aging comedian's zingers seem to have run out of steam.’
    • ‘But the zingers keep coming, and, perhaps surprisingly, one of the targets is psychotherapy.’
    1. 1.1An outstanding person or thing.
      ‘a zinger of a shot’
      • ‘In my experience of photographing people, shots one to four can invariably be junked, shot five often has some comedic value, but shot six is usually a zinger.’
      • ‘The band knew what they were doing by recording an album with more soaring, soulful and dramatic songs than short, instant-single zingers.’
      • ‘And I wish I could say that I found it to be a real zinger.’
      • ‘The song that seduced the masses all those months ago is still a zinger.’
      • ‘This breathy version of Joy To The World is a bit of a hotch-potch but it's a real zinger!’
      • ‘This was a zinger of an interview also, and Terry actually didn't come out all that good, nor did Bill, although I had really low expectations for him, and he exceeded those until the end.’
      • ‘Welles uses his own intimate vocal delivery, and an atmospheric soundscape, to prepare us for a final zinger that is both eerie and contemplative.’
      • ‘Pauleta receives the ball from Conceicao and tries a shot from the edge of the Poland box to the right of the goal. it's a zinger and not too far away.’
      • ‘Their actual content's always up for debate and with Outtakes, it's gonna be a zinger of an argument.’
      • ‘A Phil Neville zinger takes a wicked deflection and Hildebrand scurries frantically across his goal-line to keep the ball out.’
      • ‘Storms admits she improvised this zinger in rehearsal, and was surprised that it was passed by CTV.’
      • ‘Weird sounds and musical zingers punctuate the soundtrack.’
      • ‘He's not getting hung up in technicalities, but when he makes a point, it is a real zinger.’



/ˈziNGər/ /ˈzɪŋər/