Definition of Zinjanthropus in English:



  • A genus name sometimes applied to the early hominid known as Nutcracker man.

    ‘It belonged to the early hominid whom her husband Louis named Zinjanthropus - later Australopithecus - boisei.’
    • ‘In the first season, 1959, Mary Leakey found the skull of Zinjanthropus and the following season their son Jonathan discovered the first remains of Homo habilis.’
    • ‘That's because Leakey knew that his find wasn't what he'd hoped; Zinjanthropus would not be the proverbial ‘missing link.’’
    • ‘It began with Zinjanthropus (a million seven hundred and fifty thousand years ago) and will end only with humanity - or perhaps the mutants who succeed us will take up the cause.’
    • ‘Many years ago, its promotion of Zinjanthropus boisei as an ‘ape-man’ and even the ‘missing link’ had a great effect on the young Carl Wieland.’



/ˌzinˈjanTHrəpəs/ /ˌzɪnˈdʒænθrəpəs/


1950s modern Latin, from Arabic Zinj, the early medieval name for East Africa, + Greek anthrōpos ‘man’.