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zip gun

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informal North American
  • A cheap homemade or makeshift gun.

    • ‘I made the zip gun in class out of a toy airplane launcher’
    • ‘That's what she said anyway, by the time I was old enough to make my first zip gun I knew that temp was just another name for hooker.’
    • ‘He faced the Hulk across a boxing ring, in the gym where a kid with a zip gun once tried to kill Jack McGee.’
    • ‘McVay leads a gang of kids armed with switchblade knives and zip guns who set upon Klein on his way to rehearsal with his doo-wop group, the TeenTones.’
    • ‘He became involved in the usual high jinks of young boys: nearly jumping out of a window upon watching too much Superman on TV after being cooped up all summer long; making zip guns; hanging out with gangs.’
    • ‘Do we get any personal defense aside from our zip guns?’


zip gun

/ˈzip ˌɡən/ /ˈzɪp ˌɡən/