Definition of zip line in English:

zip line


  • An inclined cable or rope with a suspended harness, pulley, or handle, down which a person slides for amusement.

    ‘The design allows players to run around on rooftops, use zip lines or take covered routes through buildings.’
    • ‘They have to lower this basket down a zip line system, 600 feet down to the bottom.’
    • ‘She then attaches a rope hook in an out of the way place and she pulls up and neatly stacks the zip line.’
    • ‘The army will provide entertainment with an assault course, paint-balling fun and a zip line.’
    • ‘Within a week Albert, Gladys and the gang were canoeing, caving, even strutting their stuff on the zip wire aerial runway.’
    • ‘Prepare visitors before they get their very first glimpse of the climbing wall or the zip line.’
    • ‘The staff is trained, camp opens, and the new zip line is the biggest hit in years.’
    • ‘There's also the Flying Fox zipline, on which daredevils can reach speeds of more than 60 miles an hour.’
    • ‘At the top of the mountain, someone had set up a zip line, a big version of the kind you find in fancy suburban backyards.’
    • ‘The next day was spent on Brownsea Island, with zip wires, a tug of war and more bonding exercises.’
    • ‘Kwenn snapped the zip line and clung onto the tank.’
    • ‘He shot a zip line onto the wall opposite, and pulled himself along.’
    • ‘The Lieutenant now rode the zip line into his suit, starting it up as he buckled in.’
    • ‘Within the first few minutes, you'll be shimmying down zip lines, dashing past armed guards, interrogating prisoners and shooting out lights.’
    • ‘That life coaching process has recently enabled Marian to climb a 50 ft tree, and, from a platform, scale down a zip wire to the ground at 30 mph.’
    • ‘It was Stan's first time doing a zip line, and he seemed to enjoy it.’
    • ‘At beautiful Watermillock, prepare yourself for a day of zip wires and trapezes, abseiling and canoes.’
    • ‘The French take to the treetops for high-wire adventure - starring hanging logs, zip lines, and yeah, a jungle rope swing’
    • ‘It is also very clever to have a Petzl Mini-Traxion pre-rigged on the top of your zip line for pulling stuff up.’
    • ‘As a trained commando, Sam will go through a lot of climbing drills that'll come in handy for scaling walls and fences, zip lines and rappelling, among other tactics.’