Definition of zipcuff in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzipkəf/ /ˈzɪpkəf/


  • A plastic strip with a loop on one end that is secured with notches on the other end, used as a temporary handcuff.

    ‘Quatre's smile is bright as he produces a pair of zipcuffs from an inner pocket of his jacket.’
    • ‘I want a suspect to try and shoot me if I pull out the zipcuffs before securing his weapon.’
    • ‘If you plan on making a citizens' arrest, be sure to have a partner on cover and zipcuffs.’
    • ‘You've got zipcuffs to keep enemies in place, and a special camera allows you to look under doorways to see who might be lurking on the other side.’
    • ‘That last one got a little tedious after a while, because after the suspect has clearly surrendered, why should I have to tell my team to put the zipcuffs on him?’
    • ‘The prisoners were waiting to get their zipcuffs removed.’
    • ‘They bash open doors, shout their targets awake and bind their hands with thick plastic restraints called zipcuffs.’
    • ‘Besides, I got tired of the suspects saying, ‘took you long enough’ after you restrain them with zipcuffs.’
    • ‘And with her free hand, she took out a pair of zipcuffs.’
    • ‘Around here if you were getting uppity while they were trying to clear a plane or bus or anything I wouldn't be surprised if you were put to the floor and carried out hogtied in zipcuffs.’
    • ‘I'm sure the zipcuffs chafed as he was escorted into police custody.’

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Restrain (someone) with zipcuffs.

    ‘one cop called someone on the phone while the other one zipcuffed me’
    • ‘Does anyone remember the man who was zipcuffed and sitting on the end of a flatbed trailer?’
    • ‘Plus, I love the adrenaline of participating in raids and ultimately the satisfaction of either laying to rest the bad, bad guys or zipcuffing them and sending them away for a long time.’
    • ‘The expression is ‘proactive justice;’ it's very unlikely that a potential troublemaker is going to break any laws while zipcuffed on the floor of a paddy wagon.’
    • ‘A man who was being zipcuffed and led out the door shouted back at me angrily.’
    • ‘I didn't see any other markings because I was zipcuffed and my mobility was limited.’
    • ‘We put our knees on their backs, pulled their hands behind them, and faster than you can bat an eye we zipcuffed them.’
    • ‘Granted he couldn't see and he was zipcuffed, but still.’
    • ‘The group zipcuffs them and, after searching the house, leaves them in the jail for the authorities to find.’
    • ‘MPs are worse than cops - they zipcuff you for anything and grind your face in the dirt!’
    • ‘It requires quick thinking: do you have your team zipcuff the perpetrators immediately, or do you lock down the entire room before apprehending the suspects, wasting valuable time?’
    • ‘If we bust in and zipcuff everyone and interrogate them forcefully we may get answers but the Media would crucify us.’
    • ‘It took about 15 police officers to detain and zipcuff her.’