Definition of ziplock in English:



(also Ziploc)
  • Denoting a sealable plastic bag with a two-part strip along the opening that can be pressed together and readily reopened.

    ‘Throw the soy sauce, white wine, the chopped regular onion, rosemary, olive oil, and garlic into a gallon-size Ziploc bag along with the flank steak.’
    • ‘The cop read the ransom note over and then he scanned it and put the note in a plastic ziplock bag.’
    • ‘My old roommate and I always froze single servings in ziplock bags for quick dinners.’
    • ‘For several months, conservators and curators carefully wrapped books in acid-free tissue before nestling them in Ziploc bags.’
    • ‘A Ziploc bag of rice would normally feed a refugee for a day; however, often times it must be stretched to supply a family of four for a week.’



/ˈzipläk/ /ˈzɪplɑk/