Definition of zipper in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzipər/ /ˈzɪpər/

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North American
  • 1A device consisting of two flexible strips of metal or plastic with interlocking projections closed or opened by pulling a slide along them, used to fasten garments, bags, and other items.

    as modifier ‘zipper bags’
    Also called zip
    • ‘When you get it home, you can cut it into five even pieces and put each piece into a zipper seal bag and freeze it until you are ready to thaw it for use.’
    • ‘For the guys there's fluffy suits in electric blue and bold red, psychedelic printed tops, wax trousers with leg-length zippers and fisherman hats.’
    • ‘These are basically regular knits and can be found in a zip-up style, a zipper collar or a hood.’
    • ‘Dropping the towel he tugged on a pair of baggy, black jeans with lots of zippers and safety pins on them.’
    • ‘Smaller, and blue, this was a shaving type bag, with a zipper.’
    • ‘Next, place a tray full of ice cubes into a zipper type freezer bag and rest it over an affected area for several minutes.’
    • ‘In his corner, Michael has a double thickness of dirty foam rubber, two sleeping bags with broken zippers.’
    • ‘You will be in a hospital gown as zippers and snap fasteners can interfere with the scan.’
    • ‘Unlike other jean zippers, our zippers are specially polished and plated.’
    • ‘He wore a trench coat, and black pants that had straps attaching the legs in the back, and an assortment of silver rings, zippers and safety pins.’
    • ‘He was dressed casually in faded baggy jeans and a black zipper jacket over a red t-shirt.’
    • ‘Turning around after everyone had left the girl's room, Michelle walked slowly to the counter where Faye was fumbling with the zipper of her bag.’
    • ‘Whether closed with Velcro, zippers, snaps or straps, the coin purse keeps a handy supply of coins for parking meters, the laundry, public phones and stamp machines.’
    • ‘This all-gray ribbed jersey features a stylish yet subtle pattern and a practical zipper closure, both on the cardigan's front.’
    • ‘Kendra was wearing a green zipper sweater over top of a black tank-top with faded jeans.’
    • ‘Heather slid out of her sleeping bag and found the zipper and un-did it.’
    • ‘He was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt with a zipper and blue jeans.’
    • ‘I pushed at the eyeliner on my right eye and fiddled with my zippers a bit more before I walked out.’
    • ‘Is winding up in the back of a taxi at four o'clock in the morning, fumbling ineptly with unfamiliar zippers a good sign?’
    • ‘The special feature of the brand is that instead of using zippers the jeans have a button fly and are sold with the tag line ‘an ounce of steel where it counts.’’
  • 2A display of news or advertisements that scrolls across an illuminated screen fixed to the upper part of a building.

    • ‘The varied orientations of tiny fold patterns in the smallest grid boxes recall semaphore flags or suggest LED elements in a Times Square news zipper.’

transitive verb

[with object]North American
  • Fasten or provide (something) with a zipper.

    ‘he wore a running suit zippered up tight’
    • ‘I particularly like the hoodie sweatshirt and zippered hoodie sweatshirt because they are utilitarian and fashionable at the same time.’
    • ‘My photo of me attending a Bon Jovi concert, hair spiked and bleached Marilyn Monroe blonde, accompanied by a skin-tight zebra print, zippered mini-dress, is admired.’
    • ‘It has two zippered side-entry pockets and high-quality ribbing at the waist and cuffs.’
    • ‘I thought that a dark blue zippered cardigan might do better than an ecru one, given that I am not the world's neatest person.’
    • ‘I put my gown on and zippered it up and fussed with the tassel on my cap for a bit.’
    • ‘But then I put on a black zippered sweater, with a hood, and then put a jean jacket over that, pulling the hood on top of it.’
    • ‘I zippered my coat back up and prepared to get out.’
    • ‘As we zippered our coats and said our goodbyes, every gesture felt extra weighty.’
    • ‘See, after the first song Carl ditched the scarf from around his neck and a few songs later lost the black zippered jacket he was wearing as a shirt as well.’
    • ‘He wore black shoes, navy blue jeans, white T-shirt and a white zippered jacket.’
    • ‘With that, Chris zippered his backpack, grabbed it and put it on his back and soon ran down the stairs and soon out the front door.’
    • ‘The Endurance has two zippered compartments, a large one with padding next to your back, and a smaller one next to it.’
    • ‘She was wearing a light gray zippered jacket, so I couldn't see what she was wearing on the inside.’
    • ‘I zippered the front of the tent, as he did with the back, until it was sealed.’
    • ‘I carelessly threw my dirty clothes in the suitcase that was in my hotel room and zippered it up.’
    • ‘The rest of my stuff I put back on my bag, then I zippered it so that none would fall out.’
    • ‘‘Maybe because he's right,’ Troy offered dryly as he zippered up his own khaki-colored jacket.’
    • ‘Consider pattern details that promote independence, such as pull-on pants, rather than zippered or buttoned pants.’
    • ‘All are lockable, zippered cases that open flat, with wraparound web handles.’
    • ‘The zippered shirt incorporates underarm gussets, cuff stretch fabric, and a turtleneck collar.’