Definition of zircaloy in English:



  • An alloy of zirconium, tin, and other metals, used chiefly as cladding for nuclear reactor fuel.

    ‘The conductor wire 20 is attached to the inside of the open end of the zircalloy tip 12 by using a silver braze filler.’
    • ‘In the early 1980s, the discovery of some pieces of zircalloy in a moderator pump in MAPS Unit - 1 was traced to the problem of substantial cracking of the reactor inlet manifold.’
    • ‘Corpac detects active, localized corrosion and pitting in stainless steel, carbon-steel, aluminum alloys, zircalloy and more.’
    • ‘Commercial nuclear fuel rods are comprised of zircalloy tubing, uranium pellets, and zirconium end caps mounted with springs.’
    • ‘This fuel exists in a number of different chemical forms with different types of metal cladding (e.g., zircalloy, aluminum, stainless steel) and with uranium - 235 enrichment levels ranging from a few percent to more than 90 percent.’



/ˈzərkəˌloi/ /ˈzərkəˌlɔɪ/


1950s from zirconium+ alloy.