Definition of zirself in English:



third person singular
  • reflexive Used instead of “himself” or “herself” to refer to a person whose gender is not specified or who is nonbinary.

    ‘ze walked over and introduced zirself’
    • ‘ze has to do it zirself’
    • ‘If you have any burning questions for someone who was homeschooled zirself, you can ask me.’
    • ‘Ze knew because ze'd seen it for zirself.’
    • ‘Ze cooked them all by zirself.’
    • ‘Ze places absolutely no faith in zirself.’
    • ‘Ze is a survivor and can take care of zirself.’
    • ‘One of my friends uses neopronouns and it makes zir feel good about zirself.’
    • ‘Ze was having an interaction that was headed in a bad direction and asked zirself “what would Alice do” and was able to totally change the trajectory of the interaction.’
    • ‘The hope was that Castiel could prove zirself in spite of unfavorable conditions.’
    • ‘Ze is prone to putting zirself and zir companions in danger.’
    • ‘Ze might as well be talking to zirself.’



/zirˈself/ /zɪrˈsɛlf/ /zərˈself/ /zərˈsɛlf/


1990s from zir + self, on the model of himself and herself.