Definition of zodiacal light in English:

zodiacal light


  • A faint elongated cone of light sometimes seen in the night sky, extending from the horizon along the ecliptic. It is thought to be due to the reflection of sunlight from particles of ice and dust within the plane of the solar system.

    ‘Again, don't bother to look for the zodiacal light or counterglow in the confines of a city or the suburbs.’
    • ‘For photography, use a fast-speed film, as the zodiacal light is a fairly faint phenomenon.’
    • ‘The zodiacal light will be visible for the next two weeks, until the moon returns to this part of the sky.’
    • ‘In dawn of October, this photograph shows you the rising Leo and the zodiacal light ascending from the eastern horizon.’
    • ‘Only hints of the zodiacal light are seen on the best spring and autumn nights.’


zodiacal light

/zōˈdīəkəl līt/ /zoʊˈdaɪəkəl laɪt/