Definition of zoisite in English:



  • A grayish-white or grayish-green crystalline mineral of the epidote group consisting of a hydroxyl silicate of calcium and aluminum.

    ‘The titanite grains from Zones 1 and 2 show marginal growth interstitial to newly grown crystals of metamorphic minerals such as plagioclase, biotite and zoisite.’
    • ‘The Badger Flats area is also well known for clinozoisite, garnet, hematite, scheelite, vesuvianite, wollastonite, and zoisite (variety thulite).’
    • ‘Titanite, garnet and zoisite are secondary in origin.’
    • ‘Some say that tanzanite, the blue variety of zoisite, is what set off the gem rush in East Africa, although Madagascar was producing other fine gems at the time.’



/ˈzoisīt/ /ˈzɔɪsaɪt/


Early 19th century from the name of Baron S. von Edelstein Zois (1747–1819), Austrian scholar, + -ite.