Definition of zoisite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzoisīt/ /ˈzɔɪsaɪt/


  • A grayish-white or grayish-green crystalline mineral of the epidote group consisting of a hydroxyl silicate of calcium and aluminum.

    ‘The titanite grains from Zones 1 and 2 show marginal growth interstitial to newly grown crystals of metamorphic minerals such as plagioclase, biotite and zoisite.’
    • ‘The Badger Flats area is also well known for clinozoisite, garnet, hematite, scheelite, vesuvianite, wollastonite, and zoisite (variety thulite).’
    • ‘Titanite, garnet and zoisite are secondary in origin.’
    • ‘Some say that tanzanite, the blue variety of zoisite, is what set off the gem rush in East Africa, although Madagascar was producing other fine gems at the time.’


Early 19th century from the name of Baron S. von Edelstein Zois (1747–1819), Austrian scholar, + -ite.