Definition of Zollinger–Ellison syndrome in English:

Zollinger–Ellison syndrome


  • A condition in which a gastrin-secreting tumor or hyperplasia of the islet cells in the pancreas causes overproduction of gastric acid, resulting in recurrent peptic ulcers.

    ‘The patient was under treatment for multiple peptic ulcers secondary to Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.’
    • ‘Only a minor increase in gastrin after ingestion of a test meal provided the diagnosis of Zollinger-Ellison syndrome in these patients.’


Zollinger–Ellison syndrome

/ˌzälənjər ˈeləsən ˌsindrōm/ /ˌzɑləndʒər ˈɛləsən ˌsɪndroʊm/


1950s named after Robert M. Zollinger (1903–92) and Edwin H. Ellison (1918–70), American physicians.