Definition of Zollverein in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtsôlfəˌrīn/ /ˈzôl-/ /ˈtsɔlfəraɪn/


  • The customs union of German states in the 19th century.

    ‘The Zollverein, or Customs Union, led by Prussia, was creating a larger and larger free trade zone within the German Confederation.’
    • ‘German industrialisation had received its initial impetus from the Zollverein in the 1830s, leading eventually to unification of the German states under Bismarck.’
    • ‘Building on its tradition of the Zollverein, a customs union of German states, the newly unified Germany steadily pursued a liberal trade policy.’
    • ‘Bismarck's Zollverein, or customs union, went hand-in-hand with the rise of the Second Reich.’
    • ‘They want the government to withdraw from the economy completely and the EU turned into a Zollverein.’


From German Zoll ‘customs’ + Verein ‘union’.